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The spinning coffee table consists of a multi-level panel structure that rotates around a central screw, creating a potentially stunning visual effect. Customers can choose their own colors, shapes and height to conduct their own style and children can learn colors and material ID when they are playing these educational blocks.
It is a product suitable for customer’s customization towards their own tastes.

It is a fun to shop these blocks in furniture stores, “I like this color, this shape, this height, and I think I can get an art from my hands!”
It is a fun to play with the colorful blocks and make your own style. Each day, the table may be different, and life is different!
It is a fun for children to learn ID class of colors, shapes and materials.

It is not only a fun, this fun help change the world:
It presents a sustainable and contemporary system to use small diameter timber and waste material, plastic, paper, composites, metal and agriculture residue. They can be transferred into small blocks with simple machinery and technology. Flexible for reuse, storage and transportation.

This product considers the amusements, sustainability, aesthetics, and the simplicity of technology to address the environment problem through a conceptual lens for everyone, communicating a message of eco-design to the public.