Hongtao Zhou
The other side of the picture
The other side of the picture
Created in 2008 at UW-Madison Woodshop

Man is the only creature making squares. You are looking at a man-made square, a table, an urban picture: buildings by buildings with man-made natural rhythms, textures and color patterns.

This was home of woods, the other side of the picture, cut. They were here. Each tree has their history legends. They had their own galaxy even years later underneath our cities. We are living on a huge tomb of woods and we are still killing them and use their broken bodies in our life.

This framed 3D urban picture is a cloth hanger on the wall as well as a tea table on the floor addressing the mobility of modern life. The diversity of wood species gives natural colors and an opportunity for us to learn wood ID. It is made of a frame, small wooden panel and recycled wood scraps with round mortise ends, which is easy for manufacturing. All these materials are recovered from wood shop scraps.

As a functional art, it emphasizes the concept of “the other side of the picture” and raises the awareness of the history of cities: cutting round trees and building square buildings. Each tree has their own legends with years going by; they had their own galaxy even years later underneath our cities.

It is a simple, multifunctional and sustainable design with recovered, renewable, and biodegradable materials, which is harmless and flexible for usage and transition.