Hongtao Zhou
Lamphouse Installation
Located in the University of Hawai`i Manoa’s School of Architecture, the Lamphouse Installation captures the space casted by lamps to project a surreal spatial experience from our daily lives. Inspired by the light beam from road lamps, the installation uses wooden sticks to enclose the space underneath a stairway lamp, roof light, wall lamp, spot light, working lamp, flashlight and reading lamp to project surprising spatial structures and warm living energy after dark.

The wooden sticks shoot out like light beams to shape the space underneath through manipulation, emphasizing the transition from daytime to nighttime. The light from the lamps at night and the sunlight at day provides additional light shadow effects during the changes. The newly formed spaces invite audiences to move the wooden sticks as movable passages for them to enter into, reconfigure, and interact with. The artists’ aim is to provoke thought regarding the possibilities of space, interaction and new ideas. The Lamphouse Installation idea will continue to exhibit in other cities as public art and temporary camping house spaces.

The designers consist of assistant professor Hongtao Zhou and his students in ARCH 490: Installation and Sculpture class. The class has formed an architecture residency to promote the art of architectural installations in Honolulu. The participants are: Verna Mae Itson, Angus Lin, Ruben Castro, Janica Domingo, Dustin Chang, Clarenore Selbe, Melissa Gil Raisa Carlos, Timothy Dondero, Jonah Jumila, Benjamin Brown, Justin Takamori, Marcos Cruz Ortiz, Alice Sandstrom, Skye Tagami, and Hongtao Zhou.