Hongtao Zhou
U of Hawaii-Arch 690 Residency
This artist residency practices contemporary sculptures and installations related to architecture, including public art, interior architecture, installations and performance. The class instructor and students will form an artist residency to produce group projects and personal project (if needed) in the semester. Locations include Architecture building, campus sites, beach sites, gallery and downtown. Through observation of the natural and man-made environments, the students will generate questions/design issues and develop concepts related to human behavior and culture. The goal is to create dialogue among them and make more interesting places. This class encourage collaborations of all sorts. Everybody welcome.
Participating Artists: Cravalho, Nainoa D. Hart, Graham E. Macri, Scott D. Motonaga, Ann K. Pobanz, Tessa L. Shek, Chuen Ho H. Shiroma, Ren T. Sicam, Jan Erika F. Sze-to, Raymond W. Laban, BriAnn, Baga Dorothy, Quitoriano, Jandi, Tao, Yang, Ann Motonaga, Hongtao Zhou