Hongtao Zhou
Wood garbage come to life as giant tree sprouts
Artist Hongtao Zhou created giant sprout sculptures by using wood garbage to express the urgent need of urban forest/eco landscape in China’s city development. The sprouts break through the earth requesting space in the Hohhot City of China, where sand storms strike the area each year and many people wear facemasks. As steel and concrete buildings growing in China, it is getting more important now to protect and rebuild the overall environment and cities’ eco system to have clean air and blue sky again in China. Trees are important to solve the conflicts among China’s economic growth, environmental pollution and local people’s demand on clean air and water. For the massive city planning in China, eco friendly cities meets more needs from its people, more trees should stay and more trees should come to life.

This project is sponsored by Inner Mongolia Agriculture University in Hohhot of China as collaboration with its professors Minghui Zhang, Yang Yang, Ruihao Wang and energetic students from the College of Material Science and Art Design. Hongtao Zhou is currently an Assistant Professor at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, he is traveling in China to conduct educational workshops for local schools and organizations.