Hongtao Zhou
Two stumps and an axe lounge chair
Every day, human cuts about 30 millions trees and leaves tree stumps everywhere from rain forests to urban areas. Wood industry have not found it valuable to use these stumps and residencies have hard time digging them out from their yards. Even the fire wood industry does not like these irregular shaped stumps.

This outdoor lounge chair makes a big wooden axe as the back and its handle as the arm rest. I hope this piece inspires the public to use stumps as functional objects and educational sculptures.

We cut off millions of natural connections between human and nature. We really need to stop killing, sit down, relax a little bit and rethink our role in this planet.

It is completed and currently installed at the Vermont Studio Center in July 2011 and all parts are made of scraps from its sculpture shop.

It is a part of my stump chair series, the first piece is installed at Vermont Studio Center. Second and the Third piece are installed at The Willowell Foundation as a Walden Project, the fourth is installed in Cafa art Museum in Beijing. The fifth piece is at Charles Allis & Villa Terrace Decorative Art Museums, The sixth piece is at Sequoya Library of Madison, the seventh to eleventh will be in Honolulu.