Projects > From dumpster to Halloween and Christmas, a broken chair's Holidays

I found a broken chair in a dumpster in Madison, Wisconsin.
It was busted and dirty, striped with carpets scraps and holiday Ads.
I did not know its entire story, my guessed it was thrown away from home before its owners' seasonal decorating.
The chair looked very upset with broken legs in cold rain.
I asked myself, "should a chair also have holidays? had it ever have gifts, dresses or costumes?"
Holiday season was at the corner, I decided to extend this chair's life cycle.
After fixing the structure, I put wood scraps and saw dust on it as the dripping "blood" of trees. It started to look like a Halloween character in our chair communities.
"Enjoy Halloween and Christmas, my chair friend."

W18;D21;H37 Seat: H18;D17.